Why You’re NOT too Young for an Estate Plan

I always tell people who ask who really needs an estate plan, if you’re over the age of 18 and you have someone you care about, or someone cares about you, then you need one. The reality is when we speak of an estate plan, we’re not talking about the millionaire with the house for each season who needs to make sure the grandkids don’t swindle away the cash. Though that does happen, what we’re really talking about is planning.

It’s really more like life planning. What happens in your life if you are unable to care for yourself or unable to communicate your wishes? Sure, your family may know what you’d like, but do they really? Let’s add in a serious significant other. You’re not married (yet) but you’d really like that person to be with you should something happen. Only too bad your parents aren’t thrilled with significant other, and tell them to leave. Let’s now add in some young kids. What happens if both you and significant other face a tragedy? What happens to the kids?

The short answer is that all of these situations can be planned for with a properly drafted estate plan. Maintain control over your life and have your wishes known and documented. Please call us if we can assist you, or if you have any questions.

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