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After obtaining a bachelor’s degree from Northern Arizona University in Finance and working in the Financial Services Industry for a few years, law school called my name. I was living in Boise, ID at the time and decided to return to my family in Arizona.

Thankfully, Arizona State University College of Law provided the opportunity for me to marry my husband and welcome our first of three daughters while completing my studies. My legal career began in private practice, sharing space with two seasoned attorneys in the East Valley who focused on bankruptcy and estate planning.

After a few years and another daughter, I found my way into the corporate world. It was during the financial crisis that I combined my financial and legal backgrounds in commercial lending workout and litigation. During this time, our third daughter joined us and we officially had a crazy household!

Having continued to practice estate planning part-time, a family tragedy spurred me back into estate planning full-time. As I watched my family struggle to get through the estate settlement process, I realized that I needed to help others maintain control over their care, keep life private, and stay out of court.

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Why Hire Attorney Kimberly Hansen?

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It's Our Mission

At Hansen Law Office, PLLC, it is our mission to educate our clients. We believe that everyone should make their own choices!

Not Your Average Attorney

Kimberly often receives feedback that she doesn't "Act" like an Attorney. Her clients enjoy the feeling of having a friend on their side.

Treat Clients Like They Are Family

We provide a personal and comforting approach that puts our clients at ease. We help relieve the stress from you and your family.

A Customized Plan

We understand that the needs of each family are different. Attorney Kimberly Hansen creates customized goals that tailor to your specific needs.