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You deserve the peace of mind that comes with making your own choices.

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About Us

We've been Estate Planning for more than 15 Years

At Hansen Law Office, PLLC, we believe that everyone should make their own choices when it comes to distributing family assets. It is unfair to have a court determine what’s best for you when they know nothing about your family, wishes, or goals. We believe everyone should protect themselves and their family by having a documented plan in place.

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Whether your focus is on wealth transfer, protecting your family, or making your wishes known, our Gilbert estate planning lawyer can work with you to put your plan in place. Our mission is to educate people on how to exercise their choices to prepare for a prosperous future.

Who Are We?

Making a strong estate plan means knowing what to expect and how to prepare. Attorney Kimberly Hansen comes from a background in finance and understands all those little details other attorneys sometimes overlook. She works tirelessly with each client to guide them through the process of protecting assets and building a secure future. When she isn’t helping her clients, Kimberly enjoys hiking, mountain biking, and basking in the chaos of raising her three girls.

Running the office is Linda, whose many skills include client management, notary services, and scheduling. She enjoys taking care of our clients and escaping the Arizona summer heat.

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We are here to help you get your affairs in order and secure a strong future for your loved ones. Let us answer your questions and give you the counsel you need to feel confident about the years ahead. Visiting with an attorney can prepare you for changes you never expected, and getting an early start can save tremendous stress and strain on your family.

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It's a Family Affair!

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Our clients are an extension of our family
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Why Hire Attorney Kimberly Hansen?

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It's Our Mission

At Hansen Law Office, PLLC, it is our mission to educate our clients. We believe that everyone should make their own choices!

Not Your Average Attorney

Kimberly often receives feedback that she doesn't "Act" like an Attorney. Her clients enjoy the feeling of having a friend on their side.

Treat Clients Like They Are Family

We provide a personal and comforting approach that puts our clients at ease. We help relieve the stress from you and your family.

A Customized Plan

We understand that the needs of each family are different. Attorney Kimberly Hansen creates customized goals that tailor to your specific needs.